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Cancellation & Refund Policy

What is a refund?

When a learner is unable to access the course due to technical issues in the website , or doesn’t receive resources as promised in the course or mistakenly purchased a course instead of another course of tech widely, the user can request for a refund which shall then go through the verification process.

How to request a refund?

If you have paid for an individual course, you can request a refund within 24 hours of your payment.

Cancellation Policy

We do not offer any cancellation policy on our all course or product.

To request a refund, follow these steps:

Call 01721-885144 (10 AM – 5 PM) and state the email address/phone number you have used to sign up and purchase the course.

Refund requests are only considered valid if contacted and informed via calling 01721-885144 within 24 hours of purchase clearly specifying your email address and phone number used during registration.

Refunds do not apply to e-books. And refund for subscription based courses will not be applicable if a refund request is submitted after class has started for that course.

Refund shall be made to the medium through which a customer has made the payment or in the form of voucher within 7-15 working days of successful processing and approval of the refund request by Tech Widely. This confirmation will be emailed to the user.

When will the refund not be applicable?

In case you have submitted the complaint or refund request after 24 hours from the date of purchase.
In case you have already earned your Course Certificate within the 24-hour complaint period, you are no longer eligible for a refund.
If you file a complaint within the 24-hour complaint period and earn the course certificate within the next 7-day refund period, you will not be entitled to a refund.
When you request a refund, the refund process will be in progress. Therefore, if you complete an activity (play a video, try a quiz or test, download materials of the specific course) and proceed with the course, you will not be eligible for a refund request.

If you have purchased an e-book.

If you have purchased a subscription based course and class has started for that course.

When will the refund be applicable?

In case of a wrong purchase or if the customer is willing to purchase another course, a transfer to another course can be done through providing a voucher. If the price of the new course is:
Higher than the purchased course, the user has to pay the additional amount to Tech Widely by preferred payment method.
Lower than the purchased course, the user will get a refund of the additional amount from Tech Widely by the payment medium through which the course was purchased.
If Tech Widely fails to provide the resources as promised in the course
Mistakenly purchased live class instead of recorded class and vice-versa.

When you request a refund, what happens?

Once a refund request has been submitted, your enrolled course will be temporarily locked. Tech Widely shall notify you through SMS if the refund request has been accepted within 3 working days of receiving the request. After a refund request has been accepted, you’ll be unenrolled from the course and your progress will be removed. If you wish to purchase the course again, you will have to start the course from the very beginning. (how will the user be notified that their request has been received? Will they receive a support ticket ID for them to follow up with?)

It can take up to 7-15 working days for funds to return to your account after a requested refund. If it has been longer than 14 working days, please call Call 01721-885144 (10 AM – 5 PM).

Once the refund has been done, you will receive a confirmation email/ SMS to your registered e-mail/phone number.

Tech Widely has full authority to change the T&C from time to time and case by case scenario.